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Gift experiences for couples

In our hectic world, nothing is more valuable than our personal time.  So what sweeter gift to give the person you love than time to spend together as a couple?  And there is nowhere more romantic to share a special experience than Tuscany. Imagine holding ...

Unusual tuscany

We all have that moment of inspiration, a sudden desire to pull out all the stops and truly make magic happen for our nearest and dearest. A special birthday, a honeymoon, a life milestone, a romantic proposal or the celebration of an important anniversary,...


All passionate travellers have a bucket list of must see destinations and it is safe to say that Tuscany comes high on most of those lists. Tuscany encapsulates all that is wonderful about Italy and distills it into one gorgeous and varied region. No matter...

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Wine tours in Tuscany are generally rightfully focused on the wonderful reds from the region; however, the lesser known and happily excellent whites must have their moment in the sun.  The two most commonly planted white grapes in Italy, malvasia and trebbi...

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Wine lovers around the world thrill to hear the name “Tuscany.”  Without a doubt, this fabled region in central Italy is one of the most prestigious wine producing areas on the planet.  The rolling green hills and misty valleys punctuated by tall dark cypre...

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Italy’s wines are world famous and growing rapidly in recognition for their quality and diversity.  An interest in wine can become a lifelong passion and no country demonstrates this better than Italy, where over 350 indigenous grapes grow in unique locatio...


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