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Family Experience Gifts

Family vacations are often a delicate balancing act.  The desire to please everyone, the logistics of transporting and accommodating a big group, the dream of creating an idyllic memory for our dearest loved ones, all of this can put a lot of pressure on the person tasked with organising the adventure.  How delightful, and what a relief, to find a new approach to family experiences that range from relaxing to exciting and everything in between. The solution to creating the perfect family vacation in Tuscany is now at the ready, a family travel gift you design with the help of an unusual collection of Tuscany experiences.

Who doesn’t love chocolate, the delicious treat for all ages!  You and your family can discover the magic of Italy’s premier chocolates at Amedei, with master chocolatier Cecilia Tessieri.  No one can fail to smile, surrounded by the warm chocolate scented air of the Amedei factory. Everyone gets to taste the scrumptious results of Cecilia’s hard work and extensive travel, searching the globe for the best cocoa beans.  And then get sticky as you all turn your hands to tempering chocolate and creating your own unique edible masterpieces. Compare your skills, laugh at each other’s efforts and enjoy a sweet day of indulgence.

If your family loves the outdoors, why not combine a hike with an Italian cooking class?  Enjoy the beauty of the Tuscan countryside and learn to identify edible plants with botanist Roberto Vetromile.  Roberto leads your family on an exciting quest to find mother nature’s bounty. Revel in the fresh air and lovely landscape as you discover new plants and interesting facts.  Best of all, rest your weary legs in a welcoming Tuscan kitchen with a generous and enchanting chef who will help you make the most of all your finds. Relax over a traditional, fresh, seasonal Italian meal with the satisfaction of knowing that together you found and cooked all the food you share.  


For the fans of history, art and architecture, why not try an exclusive look at Florence from the unique perspective of height.  Uncover the hidden secrets of Florence with an unparalleled native guide. Saverio Pacchioni takes you on a wild and wonderful journey across the city, looking at famous sights and secret spaces from unusual angles and locations.  See the famous Baptistery through the eyes of the aristocratic Renaissance women who were shielded from prying eyes, in balconies high above the marble floor. The legendary Vasari corridor reveals its mysteries from new perspectives.  This is an experience your family will never forget, leaving you all with special memories of this exciting and emotional look at the history and architecture of Florence.

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