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Gift Experiences for Couples in Tuscany

In our hectic world, nothing is more valuable than our personal time.  So what sweeter gift to give the person you love than time to spend together as a couple?  And there is nowhere more romantic to share a special experience than Tuscany. Imagine holding you true love’s hand as you stroll through the moonlight across a wooded hillside, or gaze across Florence’s rose gold rooftops from the terrace of a prestigious villa while you share little nibbles from each other’s plates after a private cooking class together.  These are just a couple of the possibilities to create a unique and unforgettable couples gift with heavenly Tuscany as your backdrop.

Nighttime brings a quiet air of intimacy to a countryside hike for two.  All the unseen elements of Tuscany’s rural world reveal themselves as the two of you slip into the gentle moonlit atmosphere.  Sweet evening scents of damp and sunwarmed plants envelope you as nocturnal animals rustle in the undergrowth and birds nest in the ancient trees, all lit by the twinkling stars overhead.  This gift experience for couples takes you and your love back to nature in unique and historic surroundings, an active yet private and romantic way to become a part of Tuscany’s gentle countryside nighttime, far from the bustle of the cities.  

Sometimes luxury and fun combine to bring out the playful and indulgent side of spending special time together as a couple, like the chance to get messy together, cooking with a renowned chef in his starred restaurant, La Leggenda Dei Frati, in the stunning grounds of Villa Bardini.  There is something sensual and uplifting about sharing the preparing and cooking, mixing and stirring, chopping, smelling, tasting together. And a glorious palazzo with beautiful gardens and a stunning view over the skyline of Florence elevates the day from just a cooking class and a meal to a truly romantic couples experience, the perfect gift to share with your better half.

Perhaps the most sensitive of all human senses is our sense of smell.  Give your love an exotic and provocative gift of a day together in the private workshop of a Florentine perfumier.  The two of you will drift back in time on a cloud of heady scent and discover the medieval world of Florentine monks who were making delicate balms and creams in the 13th century.  Learning the secrets of scents and all the elements used to create intoxicating personal potions together will surely provide the two of you with the most deliciously memorable and intimate Tuscan souvenir, a unique and magical scent just for you, a gift you make together, with love.

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