Horseback riding in tuscany

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Horseback Riding in Tuscany

The romance of riding a horse through the untamed beauty of the Tuscan countryside comes to life in this thrilling outdoor adventure. It is a spectacular new perspective on Tuscany, gazing across the sandy beaches of the southwestern Maremma from the broad back of horse.  And nothing can possibly compare to the joy of galloping over the Italian hills, the strength and power of the horse carrying you past olive groves and vineyards with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. It becomes very easy to understand the old Italian cinema fascination with cowboys when you actually become one yourself!

It's amazing to discover that Tuscany has always had a long and interesting equine history.  The local Maremmano horses came from ancient Arabian, Spanish and African horse stock, first brought to Italy for military mercenaries to use in the 1400’s. As time wore on and battles on horseback became less frequent, these big, strong horses naturally became the shepherds’ favorites for their endurance, their ability to navigate difficult terrain, and their gentleness.  Experience the world of rural farming and shepherding, mounted atop a Maremmano steed who can trace its ancestry back to medieval times. And if the wild rolling hills south of Florence aren’t enough excitement, take a canter along the windswept beaches as the waves roll in from the Mediterranean Sea. Your blood pounds in your ears as you move with your horse through one of Italy’s most beautiful, rugged and compelling landscapes.  

Of course a day on horseback wouldn’t be the same without your own personal Italian cowboy by your side.  You’ll hear all the tales and legends of the extraordinary “butteri” cowboys who ruled Tuscany’s southern coast and end your day at the old olive oil mill on a typical agricultural estate southwest of Florence.  After your ride through all the fresh air Tuscany has to offer, the delicious oil glistening on hot toasted bruschettas will make your mouth water. Gobble up the generous spread of local cheeses and dried meats, all washed down with the spectacular wines from the famous Bolgheri region.  As you fall into bed with tired legs and the cobwebs blown away after your exhilarating horseback ride, dream of your memorable day as a true Tuscan cowboy. 

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