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Spring in Tuscany, Discover the Gardens

It’s March and the rolling hills of Tuscany shimmer under a hazy veil of palest green - Spring has arrived in this beautiful Italian paradise.  As the days grow longer, the sun gets warmer and the fertile landscape comes to life with buds and birdsong, it’s time to visit Tuscany and revel in the wealth of gardens that have inspired artists for centuries.

Springtime in Tuscany is a delight for the senses and there is nowhere better to enjoy it than outside, visiting the natural green gems of Florence.  The City of Lilies earned its name through the design and construction of stunning gardens over several centuries. of the city from March to June gives you the chance to see its gardens bathed in a gentle sunshine that brings the scents and colors of the emerging flowers and plants to a heady pinnacle of delight.  Formal gardens in various styles dot the city, creating oases of natural beauty and outdoor spaces in which to enjoy a peaceful break from the busy pace of the city and all its famous attractions. From the Bardini gardens, lined with gravel paths, classical statues and soothing fountains, to Cosimo de’ Medici’s grand and glorious Boboli Gardens with its grottoes, amphitheatre and ancient obelisk, you will find something for everyone as you follow the trail of nature’s bounty across the many meticulously tended gardens of Florence.  Discover the magical Japanese Shorai garden tucked away in the roses of Monte alle Croci or stroll through the romantic English style Torrigiani gardens, famed for their precise botanical plantings, clean lines and abundant formal flower beds. No matter which garden you choose to visit, you will delight in the balmy air and misty panoramic views Florence’s gardens in springtime offer to their guests. Fall in love with Florence in the springtime and the awakening of the natural world in garden spaces designed to draw your eye away from the indoors and insert yourself into the living scenes that inspired so many famous works of art.  


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