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Unique Fishing Gifts

When travellers think of Tuscany, fishing is not something that immediately springs to mind; however, Tuscany Again is about to change all of that.  Lovers of fishing adventures will be thrilled to be given the chance to spend an incredible day with a true Tuscan fisherman who has contributed profoundly to the preservation and elevation of his industry.  Meet Paolo Fanciulli, the charismatic and passionate fisherman who has spent more than 30 years fighting to protect sustainable fishing in the unique marine environment of Tuscany’s southern Maremma coast. Paolo takes you onboard his boat and immerses you into the life of an authentic entrepreneurial fisherman.  

A fishing gift day will delight every fan of fishing, as they get wet and work hard, helping to cast and haul nets, and learning to inspect the catch and value each fish for its own unique merits.  From Paolo’s boat you are rewarded with an up close and personal look at the spectacular Tuscan coastline, sprinkled with gorgeous beaches, rocky coves and amazing caves only visible from the sea. And Paolo himself is a true gift for all those who appreciate nature’s pescatorial treasure.  This is a dedicated man who expresses his love for his home and his industry by tireless commitment to protecting the marine environment. As Paolo’s guest, you discover his belief that the “the sea is for everybody.” Fall in love with the astonishing work he’s done to defend the coastline and enhance the seabed with a unique sculpture project.  Without giving away all the surprises, suffice it to say you will be in awe of what one man’s faith and effort can achieve.

Of course, a true Italian experience must include food and this inspirational fishing trip is no different.  Dine with Paolo and his crew onboard the boat, eating a fabulous four course meal, starring the catch of the day, fresh from the sea, cooked just for you in a glorious setting on the waves of the Mediterranean.  Awash with local wine and sunshine, enjoy the pleasure of Paolo’s company and this unforgettable opportunity to combine a passion for fishing with the discovery of Tuscany’s seacoast, the environmental challenges it faces, and one man’s personal crusade to ensure the preservation of his trade and his homeland for generations to come.

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