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Unusual Gift Experiences: Do Wonderful Things in Tuscany

We all have that moment of inspiration, a sudden desire to pull out all the stops and truly make magic happen for our nearest and dearest. A special birthday, a honeymoon, a life milestone, a romantic proposal or the celebration of an important anniversary, all of these can spur us on to outdo ourselves with a once in a lifetime event, never to be forgotten. When that golden light bulb comes on, think of Tuscany and let this most glorious destination make your travel gift the envy of all your friends. Fill the heart and mind of your loved one with an experience beyond compare, let Tuscany wow you with its unfathomable potential and give the gift of a memory shared, something so special that it brings smiles for years to come.

The gift of a trip to Tuscany must embrace the iconic cities and sights that spring to everyone’s minds when we hear the word Italy. Timeless cities like Florence and Siena are must sees and visits to famous art galleries like the Uffizi and historic buildings like the Pitti Palace and Brunelleschi’s Duomo can’t be missed. But gifts of travel should be truly personal, filled with unique and meaningful moments for the person you are celebrating. Use your intimate knowledge of your loved one and create an experience they will never forget. Lovers of the kitchen will be thrilled by the chance to discover the fine art of corzetti making, delicate discs of pasta stamped with traditional symbols and used in celebrations since the 14th century. Make a lasting emotional connection to Tuscany by spending the day in the ancient workshop of the Romagnoli family, artisan wood carvers who will help you to craft your own corzetti stamp with which you will make authentic corzetti pasta in a private cooking class. The gift of the corzetti stamp becomes magical, filled with memories of a day spent together, carving wood and sharing pasta in the Chianti hills, deep in the Tuscan countryside.

Maybe your gift is meant for someone who loves coffee, so why not personalize your time in Tuscany with a visit to the Mokaflor coffee roasting factory and their amazing CaffèLab where you can explore the fascinating world of coffee and learn how to brew up the perfect cup, in true Italian barrista style.

For a seriously luxurious and personal gift, treat your dear one to a day spent behind the scenes of the famous jewellers of Ponte Vecchio, in the private bottega of renowned craftsman Paolo Penko, and create a once in a lifetime piece of jewellery together, a tiny piece of art that will forever bring a smile to the face of its owner, an unusual gift so deeply personal that the mere sight of it will always remind you both of your special time together in Tuscany.

Experiences like these will delight your guest and elevate your gift of travel to the level of unforgettable, giving Tuscany a permanently special place in your hearts.

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