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Edited 7. tuscany landscape

Leonardo Ferragamo wants you to get to know his region like few others do. BY CATHERINE SABINO   luxury brand’s mystique is often rooted in a particular place: Chanel’s haute Rue Cambon cool defining a certain idea of Paris or Bulgari’s dolce vita ...


  Mountains, lakes, beaches, ancient history, cosmopolitan cities and rolling countryside... Italy trly has it all, and then some. The flavourful, comforting cuisine and award-winning wines are an added bonus, too. So it's no surprise that this y...


  "In our family, we cherish and respect the heritage of our region, Tuscany. We have invested in the preservation of its beauty and uniqueness, in part through our projects in the tourism industry", said Leonardo Ferragamo.  Link to the origi...


By ERICA FIRPO Contributing Writer Zoom out. What can you tell us about this tour? This is a personal tour specifically for those interested in contemporary art. It includes transport, and is very organized. Reservations are required. Got it. How are...


Leonardo Ferragamo is no stranger to hospitality: in 1995 he founded the Lungarno Collection (, which includes the elegant Portrait hotels in Florence and Roma and, soon, Milan. Now he's expanded his remit with a project offering sele...


Tuscany Again is a new luxury travel organisation designed to offer visitors a unique and authentic new way to visit Tuscany. A collection of carefully curated experiences –each unlocking an aspect of quintessential Tuscany – aims to connect visitor...


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