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In observance of what is provided for by European regulation 2016/679, we herewith report the information necessary to the processing that we shall apply to your personal data and, more precisely, relative to the categories of data processed, purposes, management, procedures, field of disclosure by transmission and dissemination of the same, data retention period, possibility of transferring the data to extra UE countries, and the existence of profiling processes that might have your personal data as their processing objective, as well as the use of the same for marketing purposes, including the marketing of third parties as regards Associazione Tuscany Again.


The Data Controller is Associazione Tuscany Again, in the person of its acting Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dott. Carlo Ceccarelli; Fiscal Code CCCCRL55R30H50MX with registered offices in Via Bufalini N° 6, Firenze (FI), Italy; telephone number +39 0555384921, and e-mail address
The complete list of the persons named in charge of the processing and of our operative partners is available from the controller, at the references identified above.

Personal data we may collect about you

The following categories of personal data that regard you may be collected through the various contact services and channels described in the present Information on Privacy:

Contact informations – informations regarding name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.

Interests – information that you pass on to us with regard to your interests, including the type of experiences and/or activities in which you are interested.

Other personal data: information that you pass on to us regarding your date of birth, education, or professional situation.

Use of website and Communications – information relative to the procedures that you employ in utilising our website and/or in opening or forwarding our communications, including the information gathered with the use of cookies and other tracing technologies (you can find our Information on Cookies here).

Purposes of the processing:

Processing of the data that you send us, depending on what you request and choose on the relevant form, will have the following purposes:

A) Purposes linked to processing carried out by means of our web site:

1. To supply, also by means of operative partners of Associazione Tuscany Again, an answer to requests for information coming from you;

2. Manage and activate memberships with newsletters that have an informative and popular nature relative to the experiences, events and activities promoted by Associazione Tuscany Again;

Legal basis: fulfilment of contractual obligations. Processing is necessary to the carrying out of a contract in which you are a part, or to the carrying out of pre-contractual measures adopted at your request.

Choice: unsubscription by means of the newsletter portal.

B) Purposes linked to marketing activity:

1. to contact you via e-mail, post, text message, and the social media with regard to the proposition of specific experiences, events and/or activities promoted by Associazione Tuscany Again, including the sending of communications on line with your preferences or to invite you to promotional events, as well as to carry out market research, statistical analyses and/or customer satisfaction surveys with users of the portal. Associazione Tuscany Again can share this information with their operative partners in order to propose more specific offers or to make it possible to re-contact you in the case of dissatisfaction possibly expressed on the occasion of your satisfaction surveys.

Legal Basis: consent expressed by means of forms presented on the portal (subscription to the newsletter and/or a request for information)

Choice: the consent to the aforesaid processing of marketing purposes may be revoked at any moment by contacting

C) Profiling purposes:

1. to analyse your habits, behaviour and pruchase choices aimed at defining your profile for the purpose of sending – even through Associazione Tuscany Again’s operative partners – specific promotional messages relative to experiences, events and/or activities promoted by Associazione Tuscany Again that may arouse your interest.

Legal Basis: consent expressed by means of forms presented on the portal (subscription to the newsletter and/or a request for information);

Choice: the consent to the aforesaid processing of profiling purposes may be revoked at any moment by contacting

D) Third-Party marketing purposes:

1. to communicate the data furnished by you to operative partners of Associazione Tuscany Again belonging to the sectors of tourism which will be able to process them in order to send you commercial and/or promotional communications on products and services of the aforesaid partners.

Legal basis: consent expressed by means of forms presented on the portal (subscription to the newsletter and/or a request for information);

Choice: the consent expressed for the aforesaid third party marketing purposes may be revoked at any moment by contacting

E) Purposes of conformity with legally binding requests for your personal data and legal guardianship of one of our rights:

1. to fulfil legal obligations, regulations or provisions of the judicial authorities, as well as to define a right in a registered office. All data controllers are subject to the laws of the countries in which they operate and must conform with such laws. For those in which the obligation exists, we shall take care of providing the information that regards you to the organisations in charge of applying the law, regulations and judicial acts in any part of the world. Furthermore, Associazione Tuscany Again will be able to process your personal data wherever the aforesaid organisation needs to defend one of its rights before a court of law.

Legal basis: legal obligations, legitimate interest

Legitimate interest: This processing is based on the legitimate interest of Associazione Tuscany Again in safeguarding and defending its own rights.

Choice: opposition in the case of legitimate interest, if the pre-conditions for it exist.

Nature of the data collection

n technique conditions], in order to guarantee both safety and privacy by means of the use of adequate procedures that will avoid the risk of loss, unauthorised access, illegal use, and diffusion.

Scope and purposes of the disclosure by transmission and dissemination of your data.

Employed personnel and/or the collaborator of Associazione Tuscany Again specifically appointed processor or person acting under the authority of the controller or of the processor may happen to become acquainted with your data. The personal data may be communicated to third parties in order to adhere to legal obligations, to respect orders coming from public authorities authorised to do so, or else to have a right asserted or defended in a court of law. For the purposes indicated above your personal data may be made available to:

  • Third parties who hold specific mandates of collaboration on behalf of Associazione Tuscany Again for counselling, commercial and promotional purposes;
  • Operative partners of Associazione Tuscany Again.

Your personal data will not be disseminated for any reason or disclosure for transmission to third parties for purposes other than those cited, except if this should be requested by a rule of law or a regulation or by a U.E. set of rules.

Transferral of personal data outside the European Union

Within the sphere of its own contractual relations, we may transfer your data to countries located outside the territory of the European Economic Space (EES), even by having them memorised within the database managed by subjects operating on behalf of the Associazione Tuscany Again. Management of the databases and the processing of the data are correlated to the purposes of the processing, and are carried out in conformity with the regulation applicable to the data protection. In the case in which its data are transferred outside the EES, Associazione Tuscany Again will make use of every suitable contractual precaution in order to guarantee adequate data protection, including – among others – agreements based on the standard contractual clauses adopted by the European Commission in order to discipline the transfer of personal data outside the EES.

How long do we keep your data?

We shall retain your personal data only for the time necessary for the attainment of the purposes for which they were gathered, or for any other legitimate affiliated purpose (for example, when data are relevant to a defence of claims advanced against us or in the presence of a genuine interest). Therefore, if the personal data are processed for two different purposes, we shall retain the aforesaid data until the purpose with the longer term has ended. Nevertheless, we shall no longer process personal data for this purpose when its period of conservation has expired. To this end, personal data will be conserved for the time necessary for realising the purposes for which they were gathered and have been attained.


Our services (newsletters and/or a request for information) are not intended for minors. Without the consent of the prents or legal guardian (save in cases permitted by an applicable law), we will not – to the best of our knowledge – gather personal information of minors. In fact, it is necessary to have reached the age of eighteen in order for us to be consigned personal data and to accede to the services that we offer. Subscribing to our newsletter and/or requesting information by means of the relevant form automatically declares that the person in question has reached the age of eighteen. Should we be informed in any way or should we become aware of the fact that a minor has supplied us with his or her personal data through the site or that of the social media, or in any other way, we shall immediately cancel the aforesaid personal data.

Your rights

We remind you that you may exercise the rights acknowledged by the European Community Regulation 2016/679 at any moment whatsoever. In any case you have the right to receive, free of charge, clear information with regard to the personal data that we are processing or retaining. You also have the following rights:

Right of Access: the right to know what data have been gathered and how they are processed;

Right to rectification: the right to request changes in your personal data should they not have been updated; Right to erasure: the right to request the cancellation of personal data; Right to restriction of Processing: the right to limit the processing of the personal data provided; Right to data portability: the right to transfer personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format;

Right to Object: the right to revoke your consent or to oppose the processing of personal data; You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the local data protection authority if you believe that we have not complied with applicable data protection law. You may exercise your rights by means of a written request, sent in the form of a letter written on paper, to: Associazione Tuscany Again at the postal address of the registered office or by means of an e-mail to its e-mail address

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